We specialize in the delivery of high-class conferences, digital events. Corporate incentives, product launches, and exceptional luxury events.

emeeting&consulting founded in 2006 is formed by people engaged in the event industry for over 30 years. It is a sign of our passion and expertise, the result of determination and professionality. In a continuous and inseparable link between searching and growing. A path made of consulting, conception, design, and creativity.

& Seminars

Conference & Seminars


At emeeting&consulting we take care of your idea from day one and make it as real as ours. We will be on your side in all the creative process and beyond: from choosing the right venue or digital platform to the follow-up.

Details are curated from the beginning to the end to ensure unique experiences to the audience and reach your goals. Focus on important achievements for your business is our priority and take the chance to build your network.

Luxury &
Corporate Event

Luxury & Corporate Event


emeeting&consulting believes that an exceptional event comes from a great team. Over the years, we have built a network of professionals and suppliers worldwide to take care of all essential details related to your event.

We take care of all logistic aspects to let you focus on the business and the experience. Together we develop your project step by step to achieve the best results and join your desire.


Communication &
Digital Marketing

Communication & Digital Marketing

Listen&Research | Design&Create
Manage&Engage | Advertising
Content | Increase&Optimize
Social Media | SEO | SEM

Our team, with its endless creativity, will realize your brand story. All aspects are carefully crafted to create identity, audience, and social content specifically for your company or product. A multi-sensory experience starts from the first impression live and online, and we customize marketing programs researching and selecting the best strategy always with a touch of innovation and an eye on new technologies.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Scientific Societies

Scientific Societies