From the idea to strategic planning, organisation and practical realisation, taking care of the details and optimising standards: e meeting&consulting always seeks the best of all possible solutions.


Continuous analysis of markets and social dynamics: e meeting&consulting has constructed a "vision of the present" capable of anticipating and analysing changes.


All ideas, decisions and actions have an impact on society; such an impact cannot be neglected at any time. e meeting&consulting idea of ethics is founded on its sense of social and moral responsibility, and on the retrieval and dissemination of culture, art and tradition.


e meeting&consulting believes in the training and coaching of human resources, designed to stimulate their involvement, curiosity and productivity. Through management courses, team building, language, diction and lifestyle courses.


All forms of innovation - instrumental, strategic, organisational - are first and foremost manifestations of new ideas. It is a virtuous circle that makes innovation itself a stimulus for other ideas. Based on the principle of continuous improvement.


e meeting&consulting ensures that high standards of quality are maintained through the continuous analysis, checking and upgrading of available structures and means and a constant presence at major events in the sector; the best way of studying the market and operating in it is to compare, contrast and search for the best ideas and opportunities.